I have learned so many tips and lessons from Stacey. She has even helped me on things that I didn’t even know I needed help with.

Paloma Vargas


Wouldn’t it be nice if your day-to-day was so put together, your business basically ran itself?

I know, it’s hard to picture. Because right now …

You’re drowning in to-do lists.

You’re side eyeing all those piles of business cards you’ve collected over the years.

Your projects are sooooo behind schedule, you’re tempted to just delete half of them from your calendar and pretend they never existed.

And, on multiple occasions, you’ve caught yourself thinking:

  • “I’ve been running around all day. It’s 2am. But what the hell did I even do?”
  • “I’m pretty sure there’s gotta be some app out there to make this easier …”
  • “The only goal I have right now is to not lose my shit this week.”


You knew running your business would be hard. But you didn’t expect it to feel like a burden.

Introducing Saunders Consulting created by yours truly, Stacey Saunders. Whether you’re running your biz solo or overseeing a team of people, just starting up or have been at it for years, I’m here to help you eliminate all of your time-sucks, manage your projects in a way that makes sense for you and your business goals, and take your company to the next level while keeping your dignity (and sanity) intact.

Saunders Consulting currently offers two packages to accommodate businesses of all types, sizes, and revenue:

ONE AND DONE (Consulting Package)

  • Productivity Evaluation
  • 90 minute consultation
  • Review of current processes
  • System recommendations

BACK FOR MORE (Consulting + Management + Coaching Package)

  • Productivity Evaluation
  • 90 minute consultation
  • Review of current processes
  • System recommendations
  • Productivity Management
  • System setup
  • Project management
  • Ongoing system assessment and recommendations
  • Other project and process design recommendations

You deserve to make money doing what lights you up without feeling tied 24/7 to your biz. But that’ll only happen if you stop being “busy” and start being productive.

And I’d love to help you flip that switch. Whatever stage you’re in, however extensive your needs and regardless of your budget, one of my packages will work for you to make your day-to-day feel that much more seamless and satisfying.

And, if you decide to go with my Back For More package and opt for the yearly plan, you’ll get these sweet BONUSES:

  • Weekly group conference call to get additional support from me, as well as connect with others who are on a similar business journey as you (because you’re not doing yourself any favors by going it alone);
  • Monthly newsletter, which will provide you with additional productivity tips and tricks;
  • Free copy of the chapter from my book that most applies to your situation; and
  • A copy of my book, Getting My Stuff Done, at a reduced price to have for reference during our work together and beyond.

Why choose Saunders Consulting?

I spent 20+ years in leadership and management roles across the financial, political and nonprofit sectors. Throughout that time, I was forced to master the art of efficiency and do whatever was necessary to push projects forward in the least amount of time, with minimal budgets, all while keeping “opinionated” team members in line. Let’s put it this way – if I was able to keep Congressmen and women in check and on task (true story), I’ve got you more than covered.

Sure, running a business is work. But it doesn’t always have to feel like running uphill during a mudslide.

Trade in your busy-ness for business to reign in your days (and boost that bottom line).

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