Wouldn’t it be nice if your day-to-day was so put together, your business basically ran itself?


I know, it’s hard to picture, because right now…

You’re drowning in to-do lists.

You want an inclusive, thriving culture but you have no clue how to make it happen

Your dream of a flexible lifestyle and a kickass business is floundering


Or you’ve caught yourself thinking:

“Was rejecting a 9-to-5 really worth all this headache and heartache?”

“I’ve been busy all week but I don’t even know if I got anything done.”

“I wish I had a fairy godmother to teach me how to do all of this!”


Saunders Consulting & YOU

Trade in busy-ness for business to rein in your days (and boost that bottom line).

  • I help you flip the switch from overwhelm to ease. I customize my package to work for you to reduce chaos and increase calm so your day-to-day feels seamless and satisfying. 

Why choose Saunders Consulting?

I spent 20+ years in leadership and management roles across the corporate, political, philanthropic, and nonprofit sectors. Throughout that time, I honed my innate builder, learner, and strategic traits to move projects forward efficiently, create inclusive and connected teams, and generate ease to make the day-to-day workflow seamless. As a result, my BS meter is robust (& a gift). So if you’re looking to laugh while getting a shit ton done, I’ve got your more than covered.

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