Growing a business is a journey

but the path is never a straight line.

What fun would that be anyway?

Wander a little. Wonder a little.

I’ll wander it with you. Wonder it with you.

There’s an art to knowing which paths

lead to the most potent relationships and

which are better left for someone else

to wander.


If you don’t know Stacey, you should! Stacey not only coaches, but she empowers and educates. She has a huge network and can connect you with the right people. She’s generous and vibrant and a joy to work with.

Lydia Gray

Executive Regional Vice President, Arbonne

I’m Stacey. Sass, savvy and path-perfecting

are a few of the tools I bring.

Adventurous advocate, experienced ear and

joyful swirl of spontaneity are a few more.


I’ll help you find connections and lose distractions.

Streamline your time.

Listen to the why and explore the how.

Then guide you toward the because.


Because you’re here for a reason.

Because that invincible voice inside you

    knows exactly what it’s doing.


Together we’ll turn up the volume on that voice.


Because I see you.

I see how the world needs what you’ve got.

So don’t hesitate. Don’t doubt.

And don’t go back.

Go forth. Go forth and be brilliant.

Because you are.