You deserve to make money doing what lights you up without feeling tied 24/7 to your biz. But that’ll only happen if you stop being “busy” and start being productive.

And I’d love to help you flip that switch. Whatever stage you’re in, however extensive your needs and regardless of your budget, one of my packages will work for you to make your day-to-day feel that much more seamless and satisfying.

As a professional business coach, whether you’re running your biz solo or overseeing a team of people, just starting up or have been at it for years, I’m here to help you eliminate all of your time-sucks, manage your projects in a way that makes sense for you and your business goals, and take your company to the next level while keeping your dignity (and sanity) intact.

  • Individual Coaching
  • Group Coaching
  • Professional Development Workshops & Trainings
  • Networking Matchmaking

Individual Coaching

Phone or in-person 50-minute sessions, partnering to move forward on client’s agenda, and defined objectives. A 3-month engagement is most common starting point. .

Group Coaching

Perfect for teams working towards common objectives. In-person preferred, length of engagement and of session varies.

Professional Development Workshops & Trainings

Interactive courses focus on skill development as well as personal growth topics. Examples: Seven Tips to Solutions That Same You Time, Goal Setting for Entrepreneurs, and Mastering Saying No. Customized solutions are available.

Networking Matchmaking

Perfect for individual or teams looking to establish strategic partnerships truly connect with people to grow their business or team

Executive Functioning Coaching & Trainings

Individual or team coaching or training on skills like focus, time management, organization, planning and single-tasking. I teach clients new strategies and habits to gain insight and accountability as they reflect on results.