The simplicity of Stacey’s information makes it easy for me to begin changing my habits right away, and I’ve gotten instant desired results. As a bonus, her laughter is infectious! Stacey is truly a vibrant and helpful soul to work with!

Meka Hemmons

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If a presentation doesn’t have everyone on the edge of their seats or taking action the second they walk out the door, what’s even the point?

I pride myself on my ability to make complex topics easy to understand so my audiences aren’t nodding off or zoning out. No matter how long I’m in front of a crowd, I make it my mission to leave everyone who’s listening with simple steps they can start taking that same day to improve their productivity and save their sanity while working to achieve their goals.

And rest assured, I don’t do boring and neither should you.


Time Freedom & Entrepreneurs

Seven Tips to Solutions That Same You Time

Setting Goals & Entrepreneurs

What you need to know to start and build your business through prioritization.

Mastering “No”

The essential art of saying no to enhance your business and bottom line.


Looking to satisfy an audience that has specific interests? Have a topic idea in mind that might better suit your situation? Let’s talk about how I can tailor a presentation to fulfill your particular needs.

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