Stacey will take you from running yourself ragged day after day (yet having next to nothing to show for it) to laser-focusing on what’s ACTUALLY important so that you’re consistently and seamlessly driving your business forward.

Sarah Houdek Laspas

Owner & Copywriter, The Write Vibes

Need some hands-on training to get more of the right stuff done?

Whether you simply want some tips for making your days a little less hectic or need help mapping out an entire action plan to reach a top priority goal, I’ve got you covered. I offer three different levels of my Getting My Stuff Done Workshop depending on just how much guidance you or your group needs when it comes to implementation:

In and Out

You’ll learn about:

  • 7 sassy solutions that will save you time

Quick(ish) Fix

You’ll learn how to:

  • Identify your time-wasters and what they’re costing you
  • Set goals and prioritize

Glutton for Time Management

You’ll work on:

  • Eliminating your time-wasters
  • Outlining and scheduling the steps needed to reach a goal
  • Creating the boundaries needed to stay on track
  • Balancing priorities and finding opportunities to delegate

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